Our Mission

The Say it Forward Project began with the belief that people are often wonderfully kind, caring, forgiving, strong or generous, and that they do things that are charitable, admirable, courageous and selfless. However, we rarely take the time to tell these people of their positive effect on us and the world.

For that reason, the goal of the Say it Forward Project is to reach all of humanity with a personal, handwritten note of praise, encouragement, gratitude or kindness, hoping that our thought, put into words, will make a difference to one person.  And they will, in turn, do the same until we have reached all of humanity.

Why not text or email the message?

The average person gets tons of electronic messages - they're easy, and free!  The sender can auto-correct and spell check.  It takes little effort and is seldom personal.  Many are never even read.  They have no permanence and won't be surprisingly stumbled upon, years later, in the back the receiver's night stand drawer.

With a handwritten note, however, the author takes time to organize his thoughts, hand write the words, address the envelope, put a stamp on it, and bring it to the mailbox.  The sender has made investment, of both time and money, to communicate with you.  The end product has personality and permanence.  It's value and impact can be priceless.

"When my heart speaks, my pen translates."


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